JCS Technologies Pte Ltd developed 3 unique models of Diamond Powder Coating Systems for our customers:
– The 4 wire Diamond Powder Coating System
– The 6 wire Diamond Powder Coating System
– The 10 wire Diamond Powder Coating System
Typical diamond powder size, used by our Systems, 5-20um.
Typical wire size, used by our System, 0.1mm to 0.25mm.

With the fact that the diamond coating process is a recent innovation. we continue to strive for new improvements in process and technology. At JCS Technologies Pte Ltd we ensure our customers the highest quality product combined with the most efficient process available. This allows our customers to capture a cost reduction and competitive advantage in the market place.

“JCS Technologies Pte Ltd, combining the highest quality and efficiencies to manufacture the next generation’s Diamond Powder Coating Systems.”

Product Quality

JCS Technologies Pte Ltd prides itself on the highest quality of materials when manufacturing its equipment. After years of trial and error

JCS Technologies Pte Ltd has successfully implemented over 30 operational units into the market place with systems that have demonstrated their reliability for years.

Product Benefits

Diamond Wire throughout every industry for its application poses extreme cost and quality benefits. Third party industry leaders have recognized such benefits as follows:

  • Can be applied to both wafer “Slicing” and “Brick” squaring applications.
  • Achieves a smaller abrasive grit size consistently reducing the “Kerf Cost”.
  • Significantly reduces the “Wedging” effect produced by the uni-directional movement of the wire.
  • More consistent “Total Thickness Variation” (TTV) effect which reduces damage by improving the mechanical strength of the wafer, thus reducing handling losses.
  • Significant cost savings on waste compared to slurry applications.

Industry Experts have stated that by using “Diamond Wire” applications as opposed to “Slurry Systems” as much as 30% of the total cost of each wafer can be saved by accounting for all of the added benefits listed above.