Company Overview

JCS Technologies Pte Ltd, a Singapore based subsidiary to its parent company JCS Group, a company comprising of a number of successful sister and subsidiary companies such as JCS Vanetec Pte Ltd, JCS Greentech Pte Ltd, JCS Venture Sdn Bhd and JCS Biotech Pte Ltd operating under the product name Biocair and publicly traded company Mclean Technologies Pte Ltd.
The JCS Group built its profound reputation in the machining and manufacturing world using ground breaking ultra-sonic cleaning, submicron contamination cleaning, surface treatment and coating machines since its inception in 1990.
Mr Jason Yeo, the sole founder, established JCS in 1990 and the company is now celebrating its 26th year in business.
Building on the experience and reputation of the JCS Group in high-tech machinery, JCS Technologies Pte Ltd has worked in the last 5 years on developing a more efficient and cost effective coating and manufacturing system for coating nano-Diamond Powder particles on a wire which is used for cutting hard materials.
The Diamond Powder Coating System is a process where small diamond particles molecularly bond to the wire. This wire is used to cut/slice very hard materials, e.g. marble, silicon wafers (for solar cells and the semiconductor industry), sapphire as well as for many other applications throughout the world.

Corporate Structure

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